VoIP Services

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Voice over Internet Protocol services are just phone features. 

The Abcom difference is that we don't charge you by the feature. You pay one set price per extension for your service. 

Some are features of particular phones, some of the PBX we provision, but generally everything is available one way or another.

Just ask us for details of the features you need and we will tell you how we will get there for you!

Here's a sampling:

All Page/Intercom                                    Alphanumeric or Android Display

Automatic Answer Mode                        Automatic Line Selection

Blacklist a number                                    Call Blocking

Call Forward Always                                Call Forward Busy

Call Forward No Answer                        Call Park and Pickup

Call Queuing                                            Call Transfer External

Call Transfer Internal                               Call Transfer while in a call

Call Waiting From External Calls          Desk Phone Ringing Tones

Caller ID (Number)                                 Email delivery to Voicemail

Custom Message                                      Forward a Message

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)                   Message Waiting Indicator

Do Not Disturb                                         Personal Directory

Extension Names                                      Speaking Clock

Forwarding Calls                                        Voicemail to Email  

Group Voicemail                                       Call conference center

Headset Mode                                           Off premise extensions

Multi-Call Appearance                            Operator’s console phone

Music on Hold                                           And more...

Mute and Volume Control    

Named Ring Groups

On Hook Dialing                                     

Record Your Own Voicemail Greeting    


Remote Voicemail Access                      

Saved Number Redial

Sequential Dialing                                   

Speed Dial Directory List      

System Directory


Voicemail from any phone anywhere     

3-way Conferencing

System Enhancing Options

 Auto attendant                                        

Multiple extensions                                 

Operator’s console on desk                    

Dictation feature                                     





Network Hub and Cable